Getting Paid

Everyone wants to get paid. A sufficient payment to one person, however, may not be enough for someone else. There are a lot of factors that go into what is considered equitable, and much of it is subjective. 

I’m writing about this topic today because of some unfortunate negativity I’ve been seeing in some of the music forums. People are very vocal about this. Some selective anonymous and paraphrased comments that I’m sure you have all seen go something like this:

  • You shouldn’t post opportunities where you are not “paying” someone.
  • It’s pretty shady to ask a non-profit for money.
  • I wouldn’t play a gig for that little. That’s an insult.
  • Man, how can people ask for that much money and think anyone would pay that?

Sound familiar? Yeah, I see this all the time. The internet has given everyone a voice (including me), yet people seem hellbent on using there voice for tearing into and beating down other people’s ideas.

First of all, you (meaning you the reader) don’t have to do a damn thing. Charge what you want, say what you want, it’s none of my concern. I’m not here to judge… I’m here to enlighten. So, let’s start by talking about getting paid.