Exposure: Subjective Equity

Most of the controversy about income comes when people talk about exposure. Why? Exposure is a broad, complicated catch all term that most people associate with their worst experiences. Let’s dig into this a bit. 

The term “exposure” is supposed to be an opportunity that enhances one’s career. Example: I have 2,000 Facebook fans before going onto the Today Show. Three days after my appearance I have 50,000 Facebook fans. That was great exposure.

Let’s be clear what exposure really is; it’s payment. I could have taken the time to grow my fan base to 50,000 fans. I could have also hired a company to do this for me. Instead, I traded my time and energy to another party “The Today Show”, and I received as payment the benefit of increasing my fanbase.

Start thinking about exposure as a non-liquid asset. It’s not cash, but it can be just as valuable…Yes, it may also be worthless. The value of exposure is subjective… the proverbial one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s look at a couple of examples.